See BSim in Action

To showcase the breadth of problems that can be tackled with BSim and some of our favourite examples, this gallery contains a selection of movies generated using BSim. For more examples also see the BSim Examples available from the Downloads page.

We are always keen to find and promote other work that makes use of BSim. If you have something that may be suitable please contact us and we will consider for inclusion in the gallery

Vesicle Excretion

A population of bacteria (green) excreting outer membrane vesicles (red fuzzy dots) that then spread through the environment due to Brownian forces.

Swarm Protection

Two bacterial populations, one (green) killed by toxic molecules (yellow dots) and the other (purple) not. The unaffected population generates outer membrane vesicles (purple fuzzy dots) that degrade the dangerous molecule and helps protect the other population.


Multicellular Computing with Bacterial Populations

Four populations of bacteria, communicate using diffusible chemicals and implements a multi-stage logic function. Eventually after an initial transient, a stable pattern develops encoding the final solution to the logic function.

Synchronisation of Synthetic Genetic Oscillators

A bacterial population of genetic oscillators start off with random initial condition, but become synchronisation through communication using a diffusible chemical that is produced and sensed by all the cells. In the end you see all cells oscillating in union.

Bacterial Travelling Waves

Model of travelling waves present in a population of bacterial oscillators that communicate through chemical signalling. For further information see »this research paper (courtesy of Petros Mina). Larger version is available »here.